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Team Lead Summer 2024 Planning – Action Items

  • By 4/30 please fill out your college’s summer registration spreadsheet so we can anticipate the opportunities your team will participate in. (in your college team’s Google folder, shared with you at our summer planning meeting)
  • Learn more about the submissions and review process for the CITE program learning goal deliverable, and get ready to submit by your selected deadline: See this page for information about how and when to submit learning goal deliverables from the “visioning” RFP track.

Strategic Planning Supports

  • My team needs help drafting CITE program learning goals: Make an appointment to meet with and get support from our team.
  • To book some space and time for in person team work: Click here. Please submit your request at least one week before the timeslot you select.

Summer 2024 Goals

  • Summer Objective 1: Support teams to develop robust drafts of CITE program learning goals and envision next steps. (see this page for details)
  • Summer Objective 2: Support integration in clinical experience. Learn more about thi summer’s clinical workshops.
  • Summer Objective 3: Orient faculty new to CITE with our Asynchronous PD course on Brightspace. See details here.
  • Summer Objective 4: Continue promoting a faculty community of practice to support continued learning and design with CITE’s Affinity Groups.
  • Summer Objective 5: Support scholarly output of faculty engaging in CITE research. We will reach out to research teams about this opportunity. Projects will be presenting posters on virtually July 30th. More will be posted here.

Learn more about these summer goals on the slides from our March 8 Team Leads meeting:

General Strategic planning goals

As part of CITE’s mission, colleges are working to formalize integration of computing and digital literacies in their programs, in response to a FY24 RFP.

At senior colleges:

80% of teacher candidates enrolled in a school of education will experience meaningful, equitable and coherent CITE integrations in disciplinary, foundations, methods, and clinical components of their degrees by 2026.

At community colleges:

80% of education students enrolled in an education department program will experience meaningful, equitable and coherent CITE integrations in education courses (including disciplinary, foundations, methods, and fieldwork) and optionally, relevant general education courses, by 2026.

On this site, find resources to support these strategic planning efforts.